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This was inspired by a discussion between myself and :iconbattlebrothertherix:, so let's discuss something: Why I stick with Nintendo consoles over the others and gaming PCs.

It's simple, really: Nintendo consoles have games that I want to play. Let's list some off, shall we?

Mario Kart 7 (3DS)
Pokemon Y (3DS)
Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)
Super Smash Brothers (3DS)
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (3DS)
Super Smash Brothers (Wii U)
Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)
Hell, I even want to play Sonic Boom. (Wii U)

Next year is bringing us Zelda U and, at long last, Star Fox U. Sakurai has hinted that there is another F-Zero game coming somewhere down the line, leading me to believe that MK8's inclusion of Mute City, the Blue Falcon, and antigrav sections is setting it up as a gateway title for a new F-Zero. Smash Bros and Mario Kart will also be extending their lifespans with DLC, and I won't be surprised if the new Starfox gets some DLC packs for both titles. We've already got Link in MK, would Fox really be that surprising? Plus, it seems like a great way to restore Wolf's status as a playable character and maybe even add Krystal to Smash. We're also mroe than likely to get another Sonic game, which will either be Wii U exclusive or multiplatform.

At the same time, there are things that the others offer. Namely graphics, multiplayer, and Triple A titles...

None of which I care about!

Here's the thing: Mario Kart 8 is a beautiful looking game. So is Super Smash Brothers. Both of them look better than Destiny, despite being on a less powerful system. Graphics are something that just don't matter to me. Up until last year, my favourite game series (POkemon) was sprite-based, and I think the sprites have more charm than the 3D models, especially since the Gen IV ones had some cool dynamic poses, while the models all end up being idle animations.

As for multiplayer... My Wii U's online runs better than my laptop's ever did. The online play for XY worked fine too. And they also havethe holy grail of multiplayer experiences: Local multiplayer. Because nothing is as good as actually being able to punch your friend in the shoulder when they do something especially dickish. I had Planetside 2 for a while, and while yes, working in tandem to try and take outposts with Therix and :iconmathiasthemighty: was fun, it mainly involved us talking about what we were doing, and never actually helping each other because by the time we got moving, one of us had died in a hail of bullets. On the other hand, the most fun I've had in multiplayer gaming was during my six months off from school, when the three of us would meet at my place of a morning, before they had lessons, and slaughter each other in Brawl (They learned to dread the sound of "Watch the power of Aura!".).

As for the Triple A titles? Couldn't care less. Destiny? Heard it's shit. Assassin's Creed? I liked it when game characters had properly-rendered faces. GTA? Eh, not interested. Call of Duty? Stopped caring about shooters a while ago. The latest "let's-murder-zombies" game? BRB, saving the world from an asteroid while riding a fuckoff-huge dragon.

Sure, I could have gotten a gaming PC, and it would've been a fair bit cheaper to maintain than buying a Wii U2 or whatever they call it when the ninth generation rolls around. But it wouldn't have had any of the games I wanted. Okay, so I'd still be able to get Rise of the Dark Spark and Lego Batman III, but my game of the year is Super Smash Brothers. And next year it will probably be Pokemon Z/Pokemon Y2.

Basically, I'm loyal to Nintendo because they make games that I want to play. Sure, the processing power and the graphics and the ease of maintaining are nice... But it's all useless to me because I don't care about the games on offer.


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